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Do Any of These Sound Familiar?

  • You find yourself staring at beautiful paper crafting projects on social media, wishing your hands could weave that kind of magic.
  • You’ve got a stash of pretty paper and tools that are gathering dust because you’re just not sure where to start.
  • Or perhaps you’ve been crafting for a while, but when it comes to trying new techniques, there’s a nagging fear of ‘messing it up’ that holds you back.

Tired of Staring at Blank cardstock?

You want to craft beautiful, meaningful cards, but you’re stuck for ideas

Overwhelmed by Choices?

So many techniques, so many materials—where do you even start?

Limited Time, Unlimited Frustration?

Juggling work, family, and me-time is hard enough without the stress of card-making.

What would it be like if ...

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You can Achieve the Unimaginable!

Imagine a life where card-making isn’t just another item on your to-do list, but a joyous journey filled with endless creativity and heartwarming connections. Within just a few weeks of joining Paper Crafter’s Academy, you’ll find that this isn’t just possible—it’s your new reality! You’ll master the techniques that used to intimidate you, churn out one-of-a-kind designs with ease, and reclaim the joy and fulfillment that crafting brings.

But that’s not all. Beyond the skills and creative prowess, you’ll also be part of a community that uplifts you, fuels your inspiration, and celebrates your wins—big or small. So if you’ve ever felt limited by time, overwhelmed by choices, or stifled by a lack of confidence, know that you can achieve a transformation that goes beyond crafting; it enriches your whole life.



Paper Crafter's Academy: Your Ultimate Card-Making Sanctuary

Your one-stop solution for conquering creative blocks, mastering card-making techniques, and crafting the most beautiful cards you’ve ever made—in less time than you think.

What You'll Get

Why Paper Crafter's Academy?

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About Your Teacher - Kristy Coromandel

Hi, I’m Kristy Coromandel – Your go-to card-making guru! With a deep passion for crafting beautiful cards, I’m here to help fellow card makers enhance your skills and boost your creative confidence.

Join me on this creative journey and create stunning cards that capture the essence of your unique style. Get ready to unleash your inner card making maestro with me as your guide!

Frequently Asked Questions!

Absolutely! Whether you’re just starting out or have been crafting for years, our membership is designed to cater to all skill levels.


Our Academy offers a structured Success Path that guides you from beginner to advanced crafting levels, a supportive community of fellow crafters, and ongoing support. We focus on personal growth in crafting and staying updated with the latest trends and techniques.

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time. Our monthly membership option provides the flexibility to stop your subscription without penalty, while our annual membership offers a discounted rate for a longer commitment.


Paper Crafters Academy is perfect for beginners! We provide step-by-step guidance and foundational courses to help you get started, and our community is here to support you as you learn and grow.


Yes, our content is fully digital and can be accessed from anywhere in the world, provided you have an internet connection.


We do offer live classes and Q&A sessions. If you can’t attend live, replays are made available for you to watch at your convenience.

New content is added regularly, typically weekly or bi-weekly, to ensure that our members always have something new to learn and explore.


While having your own basic crafting supplies is recommended to follow along with the tutorials and projects, we also provide suggestions for essential items to get you started and guidance on how to choose supplies.

Our member-only forums and live Q&A sessions are the perfect places to ask questions and get help. Additionally, you can always reach out to our support team for more assistance.


If you have a passion for paper crafting or wish to develop one, and you’re looking for a structured way to improve your skills with the support of expert crafters and a community, then Paper Crafters Academy is the right choice for you.


Absolutely! A membership makes a thoughtful gift for anyone interested in crafting. Contact us, and we can arrange a gift membership.


"Craft the life you love – where every fold is a story, every cut shapes a dream, and every glue dot seals a memory. Begin your journey with Paper Crafter's Academy and turn a simple sheet of paper into a masterpiece of personal expression."

— Kristy Coromandel

The World Awaits Your Greatness! Don't let Them Wait any Longer!

Unleash your creativity and share your unique paper craft designs with those who will cherish them most. Join Paper Crafter’s Academy today and let your artistry shine for all to see!



Paper Crafters Academy isn't just a learning platform


Join the Paper Crafters Academy now and let’s make this journey together!

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